Hyphenation for node and Polyfill for client-side hyphenation.

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General Notes


While the .wasm files are already compact by design, the .js files are not minified. I highly recommend using one of the es6-capable JavaScript minifier tools.

If you installed Hyphenopoly with npm run npm run prepare to create a directory called min that contains a full set of minified files (and the test suite) minified with terser.


All files have good compression rates when using gzip, deflate, and the like. You may need to configure your server to be able to compress .wasm-files though!


Hyphenopoly_Loader.js and Hyphenopoly.js are optimized for usage in browsers. For usage as a module, see: node module

Let me know, if you have a use case for hyphenation in node.js


Using GitHub

  1. Go to https://github.com/mnater/Hyphenopoly/releases/latest and download the latest stable version (don’t be afraid of the name Source code).
  2. Unpack the package and copy the following files and folders to your server:
    • Hyphenopoly_Loader.js
    • Hyphenopoly.js
    • patterns/

    (Of course, you can delete the patterns for the language you won’t need.)

  3. Then follow the instructions on https://github.com/mnater/Hyphenopoly#usage-browser

Using npm.js

  1. Run npm i hyphenopoly in your project folder
  2. Tell Hyphenopoly where to find the files: paths
  3. Follow the instructions on https://github.com/mnater/Hyphenopoly#usage-browser (don’t forget to adapt the paths)